We at Baltimore Improv Group (BIG) noticed a trend across Instagram. Visitors and players love one spot in The BIG Theater more than any where else:

​The chalkboard wall.

​This is that story.
The lobby has become a hangout spot where audiences, students, teachers, and performers meet and hang out. There's space for chess and board games

Hannah Jeffrey designs and draws this wall art. You can also see Hannah in the tech booth, running shows as a house manager, producing the show Improv Shark Tank and performing comedy on Tuesdays with Harold Night.

"Sometime last year I asked Richard [Gorelick, house manager of The BIG Theater] if we could paint one of the walls in the lobby with chalkboard paint," Hannah said. "And he was like, 'We already did. It's that wall.' And I was like, 'Wow what are the odds that really worked out for me!' "

The BIG Theater opened in October 2017 in Station North Arts & Entertainment District in the core of Baltimore City. Volunteers chose the colors and design. As a team, they took charge of making the space happen. 

"And without talking to anyone else about it," Hannah said.  "I made myself BIG's official chalkboard artist. Most of the year, I put quotes about improv or holiday messages."

As with most volunteers projects at BIG, Hannah – who took her first class in January 2016 – created the opportunity herself by asking questions and  getting started.  She's been supported through a true "Yes, and!" spirit prevalent at BIG.

"When we put on festivals, I like to take it up a notch and include the teams we host. For last year's X-Fest and this year's BIF, I found ways to incorporate every team that was came to town."

Over the years, visitors and students requested students and visitors asked for a welcoming space to make connections.

While the lobby space has continued to evolve in the last two years, the chalk board is one of the pieces that changes very very frequently.