Some family stories are unconventional from the start.

Stepping into a vulnerable arena, Lisa shares her consideration of having a child on her own. Ted and Lisa start with an insight about improv and love from Lisa’s recent class (1:59) and note the ways that our environments help shape who and how we are (8:07). Lisa speaks openly about how her different sides and feel about the possibility of being a single parent from the start and then reflects on the power of owning and sharing what’s really going on (9:37). Ted asks how mindfulness and improvisation come into play with the decision and Lisa offers several insights in that direction (22:01).

It’s a shorter-than-usual episode but it’s a sweet  one. If you’ve got any questions or encouragements for Lisa feel free to write us at info@monsterbabypodcast.comor to write her directly at

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San Francisco improvisors Ted DesMaisons and Lisa Rowland explore the beautiful, surprising and unruly intersections between mindfulness and improvisation as they seek to befriend that oft-hidden and sometimes scary part of all of us that can lead to a life well-lived.

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