If you’re looking for some action, you’ve come to the right place! In Monster Baby Episode #45, Lisa and Ted consider the many ramifications of action in a life of mindfulness and improvisation. They start by considering what associations the word brings to mind (1:58) and then describe where action shows up in each of their lives—including a mention of the academic notion of “praxis.” (6:08). The pair distinguishes between stillness and being stuck (11:31) and Ted explains how mindfulness can include movement and makes for important prep for real-life action (14:07). They bring in the Taoist concept of Wu Wei to chat about Lisa’s leadership style (17:54) and then sort through a bit of disagreement on whether such a thing exists as “the right time to act.” (25:01) Ted describes kinesthetic testing as a measure of whether to act (33:09); Lisa introduces the notion of “sitting slowly with uncertainty.” (37:28) They both explain how action in improv helps make for a better time (46:36) and then, following the intro, share a fun new action-oriented game they made up for this episode. (56:42) : Don’t wait to listen to this stirring episode: act now!


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Feature image courtesy of Josh Hallett from Winter Haven, FL, USA – Finale – Lights, Motors, Action – Disney’s Hollywood Studios, CC BY-SA 2.0,

San Francisco improvisors Ted DesMaisons and Lisa Rowland explore the beautiful, surprising and unruly intersections between mindfulness and improvisation as they seek to befriend that oft-hidden and sometimes scary part of all of us that can lead to a life well-lived.

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