Last Saturday night I opened my one person show, “World’s Greatest Dad(?).”

It did not go perfectly; no show ever does.

It went well, don’t get me wrong, but I had high expectations.

So afterwards I was filled with shame, self-doubt and self-hatred. I wanted to hide. I wanted to die.

Some of my friends said they loved it. It moved them. It made them laugh.

I did not believe a word they were saying.

Then today, I got this fantastic review in the Chicago Reader, which I feel so grateful for.

I am a slow learner, as you know, and, once again, it became very clear to me that I can’t trust my own feelings after a show.

So the good news is I got a great review, and yes, I am very excited. The bad news is my perception still sucks. Would you expect anything less from me?

I am proud of this show and would love you to read the review and, yes, come and see it in person.