Members of real life Maryland’s environmentalist community tell you live on stage about our planet is in danger and that's no joke.

It's the second year for our Earth Day show “Improv Will Save Our Planet“. On Saturday, April 27th at 8 p.m, members of BIG will interview local environmental leaders. 

“Outside of improv, I plant trees to grow our city's tree canopy." said Sheila McMenamin who you might know as a Baltimore Improv Group performer with Training for Prom and BIG Time.

In a hidden part of her private life, it turns out that she's also Director of Programs at Baltimore Tree Trust. 

"These trees cut energy costs, cool streets, clean the air, lessen flooding, fight climate change, give people jobs, and add a pop of green to the city's view-scape,” Sheila says. 

Sheila co-produces the show for its second year. After each interview, you'll see comedy scenes and characters providing commentary on the important messages of environmental protection.

“As for me, I help run the Sierra Club's social media and write all sorts of things for them,” Heather Moyer says. Heather also co-produces the show and works for the Sierra Club. She says that it's a national environmental advocacy organization. 

Heather moved to Baltimore City in 2004 where she became a founding member of the Baltimore Improv Group. She started improv comedy since 2001 when she started her improv career in Boston. “Happy to be called an environmentalist,” said Heather.

Originally from Baltimore County, Sheila moved to Baltimore City in 2014. She also on the BIG's Board of Directors. Sheila explains that BIG’s aim to advance the art of improv in the Baltimore region can be used to help you learn more about protecting our environment.  

“Do you live on planet earth? Us, too! Does your survival depend on oxygen, water and food? Same here! So let's see how we can better protect these essentials this Earth Day 2019,” Sheila says. “Last year at ‘Improv Will Save Our Planet,’ we heard from local environmentalists working in their own ways to protect this little life-sustaining rock we call home.”

You might have heard that BIG is the city’s leading non-profit improv comedy venue. Since BIG began in 2004, we've helped get important messages out to the community. We love that our annual audience of over 5,000 people care deeply about issues.

“Watch as our team of climate scientists interpret the scientific findings of local environmental professionals--through comedy!" Sheila explains. Global warming is serious, but we know that it helps you get involved when we can make it fun

"You'll laugh, you'll have an existential crisis, and then you'll laugh some more! I firmly believe that trees are intrinsically perfect. I'd marry a tree if I could but feel like I'd break out in some sort of rash if I did? Will report back.”

Improv Will Save Our Planet” is Saturday, April 27th at 8 p.m. in The BIG Theater, 1727 N. Charles St.