In Episode #22, Ted and Lisa share a conversational cup of courage. A brief and playful check-in (1:59) leads to defining what they mean by courage (4:27) and together, they wonder if Lisa’s courageous to do improv (8:52). Ted considers the last time he felt particularly courageous (11:51) and Lisa shares some stories about dating and nervousness of performing guitar in public (17:42). They both consider how improv games can build courage muscles (21:14) and then explore how mindfulness de-fangs the cobra of fear so we can dive deeper into our daily experience (30:37). Ted introduces the connection between courage and tenderness and the importance of support from others (35:46) and Lisa engages with the improv mindset of “Go into the cave.” (39:23). The two conclude the episode by promoting the notion of profligate practice as a method for developing courage (49:23).


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San Francisco improvisors Ted DesMaisons and Lisa Rowland explore the beautiful, surprising and unruly intersections between mindfulness and improvisation as they seek to befriend that oft-hidden and sometimes scary part of all of us that can lead to a life well-lived.

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