Some might easily argue that improv classes with Baltimore Improv Group completely replace a standard college education regardless of your desired career path.

Still, improviser Julia Gerhardt found a way to support those who choose a more traditional university based path.

​Scholars Among Men is that way.

In the below transcript, find out more about this comedy show and about the person behind it.
Tell us all about the Scholars Amongst Men. How might you describe your show to someone who knows nothing about improv?

Scholars Amongst Men is an improv show that showcases three collegiate improv teams every month. The format (created by Terry Withers) is that the team gets an intellectual question from the audience that informs a long form set. So basically, you can ask any question your curious about like, “Do do snakes cuddle?” (I’m so curious! They have no arms!) and the improv team uses that as their input and plays with it however they like. It’s really fun!

For the more informed improv crowd, what do you hope they’ll get out of seeing the show? 
More than anything, I just want this show to be a supportive, encouraging space. These are young, fresh improvisers who are excited to learn more about improv and demonstrate their skills. Every team has a different vibe which is fun because they’re all from different schools. So, if anyone’s is to get anything from the show, I hope it’s that you see how fun it is to encourage young artists!

What brought you to Baltimore and Maryland?

I came to Baltimore to attend Goucher College, so you may see why I have some personal investment in seeing local collegiate improv teams perform. The secret is out! I’m pro college improv because I did college improv!

What could you give a 40-minute presentation on with absolutely no preparation? 
I could give a presentation on why California is better than New York. Sorry. (Not sorry.)

What’s something you’ve been meaning to try but just haven’t gotten around to it?

Shark diving!

Outside of improv, what do you spend time doing that you enjoy? 
I write! Lots of poetry and short stories. I also love dancing, hiking, and have a meaningful goal of eating at every restaurant in Hampden! 

To find out the next Scholars Amongst Men show, check out our show calendar. You might ask Julia in person at The BIG Theater where she performs weekly with house team Lekker. ​